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  • Best Nephrology & Dialysis Centre in Delhi NCR, The department of Nephrology at Adiva hospital cater to a wide range of kidney disorders. Dr. Amber Khaira who heads the Nephrology Department & dialysis centre, is a veteran in the field of Nephrology. I feel like a new person with a new lease on life.

    Madhumita Das Date: 20th December 2018
  • My daughter was born pre-mature and had to be taken under intensive care. She was weak and in a serious condition. The team of Paediatrics at Adiva Hospital took good care of my baby and now she is no more weak and pallid. She is healthy and sound with a beautiful smile.

    Subodh Singh Date: 10th December 2018
  • I have been facing the problem of migraines since a long time, razing headaches and red eyes. The treatment and care that i am receiving at Adiva Hospital has given me a new outlook on life and i am sure to be cured by my recurring headaches.

    Seema Jain Date: 5th December 2018
  • I am delighted to have picked up Adiva Hospital. The staff was fabulous.They are energetic, upbeat, positive people who know their jobs, understood my condition and my concerns. If you are looking for outstanding urologists contact Dr Prashant Jain and Dr R L Nayak

    Rajesh K Singh Date: 22th November 2018
  • Thanks Adiva for caring and giving the best of medical facilities to your patients. The personal care by the staff and very helpful attitude of Ms. Charu made my stay a pleasant one. Utmost care was taken to relieve the pain and strains of the surgery. Adiva- you are the best- keep it up.

    Simrat Kaur Matta Date: 11th November 2018
  • The doctor has got some miracle in his hands; to de-stress any part of your senses. I got a great experience and would like to come again to get this pleasurable moment of de-stress treatment at ADIVA.

    Meenakshi Sawhney (India)
  • It is a beautiful place and the staff is really good and helpful. I didn’t feel like I was a foreigner, though I had come from Zimbabwe alone but the staff just helped me to feel at home. I never felt lonely here. They were available to meet any and every request and took great care of me. I love the place and would recommend it to anyone wishing to come to Delhi for surgery. It is a beautiful place with amazing people.

    Ketty (Zimbabwe)
  • I am feeling really proud to be a woman. I got my treatment done through adiva & I felt that my skin is really glowing. I found loads of changes in my skin. I am really happy that I got that treatment done.

    Deepti Chawla
  • Treatment procedure: Abdominoplasty, Fat grafting, Vaginoplasty, Replacement of old breast implants with new ones. Coming from New York with 100 questions of medical facility and care, I was so nervous and scared of experiencing the worst. And was pleasantly surprised at the quality of care Adiva has provided me during my stay. All the staff members displayed courtesy, kind help and the food service department was amazing as they cared for my many needs. What a great team!

    Sandra (USA)
  • The Swedish massage given by Mr. Sayed was fabulous and made me relaxed. He messaged in a methodical way from head to toe and informed of follow up. I feel relaxed and happy.I will be sure to come back time and again and make reference to other friends. Good luck.I got my Swedish message done. The massive (Sajid) had given me an amazing and Rejuvenate message. The customer service and other staff at Adiva has given me a ‘WOW’ factor and left a big smile on my face.

    Vikram Seth
  • I would like to thank Adiva Hospital for helping me out to resurrect my problem and providing me a world class treatment.I really wants to appreciate the hospital staff, management and all those who help me during my stay here and on treatment period, with out doubt I would recommend this hospital to those who wants treatment for the concerns issues.

    Deepathi Nair
  • I am Mohamed, a resident of Sudan studying in India. I had a great experience with Adiva hospital during the treatment of my. The hospitality received from the staff and consultation of the doctors was appreciable. I would recommend it to all the international patients from the Arab and the Middle East. Wishing my best to the hospital for all future endeavors.

    Mohamed (Sudan)
  • The surgical procedure, explanation of management, pre and post-operative care are very good. I don’t think there should be any suggestions from my end since every thing is well organized.

  • I am visiting India after many years. I currently reside in Chicago, USA. I was asked by Dr. Pravin Gogia to visit Dr. Bhargava or Dr. Vijay Kumar for an ailment related to my family member. I got an appointment within minutes and I am absolutely impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Kumar and his advice. Seeing the helpful nature of the people and cleanliness of the hospital, I decided to get all the tests done here, immediately. After that, everything went like clock work. The urgency and the level of service were very high. I wish this hospital all the best and hope they keep up the good job.

    Family member of Ms. Sonalee Sharma (USA)
  • I am lost with words of how much satisfied and happy I am while leaving this hospital. Initially, I was trying to avoid any surgery but after having explained to me properly by doctor Rahul, I decided to go for it. I am very happy to know that Doctor has done best possible operation for me and I cannot ask for more. I want to specially thank the doctor, nurses and all staff for letting me feel at home and for taking good care of me. I pray to god that blessings and sweet memories from all in this hospital will continue to be shared by all who come to this hospital.

    Asen Sema
  • The whole team took care of me as the VIP person and helped me well during my stay at hospital.

    N. Ratnam
  • I have no suggestion as the service rendered to me in all fields are excellent and i am impressed with the nursing staff, my complements to them. Doctors were excellent, my respect to them.

    S.C. Sharma
  • It was a great experience, we are very pleased, and the services we got from each and every department. Over all very excellent.

  • Thank for all Doctors, Nursing Staff, Services of Adiva Hospital, they are very excellent and they take care for our patient. Now our patient is fine and healthy. Once again thanks a lot.

    Abdul Bary Rahmani
  • Very Good Experience Keep it Up!. Very good staff.

    Sandipan Thakurta
  • The experience in interacting with all staff from senior consultants to junior housekeeping employees was a happy one. Every one was courteous and helpful ,general maintenance and cleanliness is exemplary.

    D. N. Tripathi
  • All in all ADIVA has been an excellent experience, I would recommend this place to my friends. Thank you for the care given.

    Aditya Dave
  • All staff performance is excellent.

    Himanshu Parasher
  • Keep It up! Kindly have another branch trans yamuna in Mayur Vihar also.

    Dr. Prem Chand
  • Nurses were very nice

    Mr. Mohammad
  • Nursing staff was excellent

    Tanishka Manchanda
  • Everything was excellent, we are all happy with services and nursing.

    Mohd. Abudullah
  • Dr. Anil Sharma and Dr. P.K Mangla and Dr. Vivek are the best and courteous with there experience in profession. I find this hospital as one of the best hospital in Delhi. Efforts should be made to get this hospital recognized by CGHS so that more and more Govt. servants can be benefitted. Charges were genuine and all the staff was very nice.

    Dilli Ram
  • Dear sir, Dr. Anupam Bhargava and Dr. Vijay Kumar Thank You for your help for your kindness. I really enjoyed to being in ADIVA HOSPITAL to join OT AND OPD under the guidance of you. I learned a lot about endourology especially PCNL during my two weeks. With your help I felt more comfortable and more confident performing endoscopic surgeries. I learn both theoretical and practical concepts during my training. I also would like to thank Ms Mansi, OT staff, anesthesiologists, nurses and OPD staff. Ms Mansi helped me a lot on my paper works, she is very kind. I hope to visit you again soon.

    Mr. Ali Jawed
  • All your staff is too generous and kind. Happily leaving this place with my little princess. Lucky to have Dr. Meenakshi Sahu as my gynae and Dr. Holla as pediatrician. All the very best to you all. Thank you so much.

    Ms. Amrita Singh
  • We had a very satisfactory experience. Special thanks to Dr. Nigam, nursing and housekeeping staff.

    Ms. Nirmal Malik
  • Thanks to all staff of Adiva for their support.

    Mr. Mohammad Saber Date: 22nd March 2017
  • Overall we are very happy with the services, care. The nursing that I got was superb. This hospital is like a family to me. It’s very special. I delivered my first child here, healthy and very cute. So thank you all of you. You all are simply the best.

    Mr. Abhaya Date-07/01/2017
  • First of all, I would like to appreciate Adiva hospital health services and secondly I would like to appreciate and say special thanks to Dr. V.K. Bansal and his team. He’s not only the best doctor but even a very kind person with best medical attitude and standard nursing care. Lastly, I would like to appreciate all the nursing staff. They are very expert and friendly. I hope you get more success in future.

    Ms. Shakila Abdaly Date: 20th Jan 2017
  • Dear sir, Amazing Experience- special thanks to Dr. Shelly Singh, Dr. Nigam, nurses namely; Ms. Aleyamma, Ms. Bindiya, Ms. Tilotama, Ms. Sunita and other staff who attended me. It’s my first stay at the hospital but the warm nature of the staff made me very comfortable and stress free. Special care is given to patients- Thanks! God bless and good luck to all.

    Ms. Shubhangi Joshi Date: 22nd March 2017