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Intensive care usually takes a system-by-system approach to treatment, observation and intervention in the key systems: cardiovascular system, central nervous system, endocrine system, gastrointestinal system, renal system, respiratory system. It also examines other issues including psychological health, pressure points, mobilization and physiotherapy, and secondary infections.

Our Critical care team provides the full spectrum of medical, cardiac, surgical and trauma critical care services to patients. The intensivists are highly skilled, specialized in diverse specialties of medicine and surgery,and present round the clock. Nursing care is focused to meet the psychological, physical and emotional needs of the patient.

The facilities are designed to facilitate this continual monitoring. The nursing staff and physician scan see virtually all the patients at all times. Each of the beds has state-of-the-art equipment to keep track of vital parameters. All invasive and minor surgical procedures are done at the bed side. Facilities exist for bedside Dialysis, Bronchoscopy, Endoscopy, Echocardiography, Ultrasonography etc.

A lot of emphasis is also placed on areas like nurses training, standardizing care through clinical pathways, identification of ethical and economic issues pertaining to Critical Care, managing the in-hospital environment, infection control and end of life care.

The ICU is a 5 bedded unit providing care to patients with a range of illnesses across a variety of medical and surgical specialties such as respiratory, orthopedic, cardiovascular, urological, renal, and neurological. A high-tech ICU is a reflection of any hospital’s approach to a highly technical & refined in-patient care. The department`s mission is to offer a remarkably high level of critical care & emergency management services, and to engage, preserve, and train a highly competent staff of health care professionals dedicated to the care of the gravely ill. There is 1:1 patient to staff ratio for all critically ill and ventilated patients. The unit pursues stringent disinfection and antibiotic rotation protocols.

Our Ultra-Sophisticated ICU centre is equipped with:

  • Ventilators – Advanced Ventilators also for Invasive Ventilation and BIPAP for Non Invasive Ventilation
  • High-End Monitors – Multi-Para Monitors having a provision for the monitoring of cardiac function, pulse oxy-meter, noninvasive (NIBP) and Temperature monitoring.
  • ABG Monitors
  • Alpha Beds
  • Echocardiology
  • Blood Gas Analysers
  • Crash Trolley with all emergency equipment and drugs.
  • Other latest equipment necessary for the best care of patients.
  • The 24/7 ABG facility is available with laboratory support, bedside X-ray, ECG, Sonography & Echo facility is accessible.

Specialized doctors, nurses, and technicians man the ICU, round the clock. It is under the supervision of a senior Anesthesiologist and Intensivist. We make every effort to provide our patients with the best possible clinical care based on definite protocols