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Obesity refers to the excess amount of fat stored in the body. It is also known as overweight or people also call it as obese which means weighing too much. There are many reasons due to which you can weight more such as extra muscle, dense bone, or having too much fat.
Obesity is not a disease but it has become as one of the major cause that leads to many diseases also known as a lifestyle disease. Being overweight leads to multiple health problems such as pain in the knee, gynecological issues, HBP, Heart problems and many more.

How to determine you are obese or not?

The most common tool of determining you are obese or not is to measure your BMI
BMI – refers to Body Mass Index which measures or determine your weight with respect to your height. If your BMI is over 25, you will be considered overweight. However, if it goes beyond 40, you will come under the category – morbidly obese.

What are the CAUSES?

The most common cause that leads to obesity is our lifestyle.
  1. Eating more junk food
  2. Consuming too much alcohol & Smoking
  3. Not doing physical exercise
  4. Underactive thyroid gland
  5. Medicines such as birth control pills, antidepressants, and antipsychotics
  6. Stress, anxiety is another major cause of obesity


At Adiva Hospital, we believe in care & respect of all individual. We have experienced team who evaluate the problem & counsel the patients so that with the treatment they are getting satisfaction and confidence to fight the ailments. Though the treatment option involves a change in lifestyle i.e. eat healthy, do regular exercise. Apart from this in few cases, medications are given but in major cases wherein diet and exercise fails or doesn’t work, Surgery may help. There are different types of weight loss surgeries done to reduce weight significantly. At Adiva Hospitals we have minimal invasive Laparoscopic procedures that allow faster recovery, less pain, and quick results.