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Foetal Medicine Department at Adiva Hospital focuses on using various diagnostic procedures to manage the health concerns of the foetus prior, during and after pregnancy.

This department specialises in the diagnosis, providing comprehensive treatments and counselling, for lower-risk pregnancies, and especially for high-risk pregnancies.

At Adiva Hospital we take care of pregnant women who have heart or kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, and thrombophilia. Apart from this pregnant women who are at risk for pregnancy-related complications such as preterm labor, pre-eclampsia, and twin or triplet pregnancies, and pregnant women with fetuses at risk.

During pregnancy, a variety of complications of pregnancy can occur.
At Adiva Hospital, we provide consultations for Confirming the pregnancy and it location. Can be used for early detection of ectopic pregnancy
Determining the baby’s gestational age. Also, help to know the due date of baby and keep the record of baby in various stages Confirming the number of babies.

Evaluating the baby’s growth. Various tests can be performed to know the baby’s movement, breathing and heart rate. Studying the placenta and amniotic fluid levels. The placenta provides the baby with vital nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. Too much or too little amniotic fluid- the fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus during pregnancy or complications with the placenta needs special attention. Determining fetal position before delivery. A C-section might be needed if the baby is in abnormal position.

Performing various pre-natal tests to determine health of fetus.
The department is also supported by level-3 NICU for handling complications of the infants. It has state-of-the-art facilities.