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The Pathology lab at Adiva Hospital, Green Park has been developed with a vision to be a one-stop place for diagnosis of an exhaustive number of diseases. The collection system is backed by a powerful logistic system so that we can provide complete diagnostic services with the emphasis on accuracy, precision and prompt reporting to our patients.

Under the guidance of Dr. Usha Modi, Pathologist, the consultant workforce included those with core expertise, rich experience, and proficiency in doing the routine, specialized & complex investigations for haematology, biochemistry, and bacteriology. At Adiva Hospital, we do specialise investigations including hormonal assays, histopathology, cytology & HPLC to rule-out Beta thalassemia and HbA1c for the diabetic profile. We also do molecular studies (Real-time PCR) for Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C Virus & chikungunya.