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Dr. Anil SharmaSr. Consultant
Medical Supritendent

    Name: Dr. Anil Sharma

    Designation: Medical Supritendent

    Areas of Expertise: Cardiology

    Qualification: MD (Medicine)

    Brief Profile:-

    Dr. Anil Sharma is an Internal Medicine and Critical Care Specialist. With 44 years of Experience in Cardiology from Ganga Ram Hospital is also another feather in the cap. He also specializes in managing lifestyle related disorder like diabetes, obesity, blood pressure fluctuations, nausea etc and various common ailments. He also treats symptoms of diabetes which include excessive thirst, blood pressure fluctuation, nausea, kidney problems and urinary tract infections by comprehensive diabetic care including eye, foot, kidney care, specialist consultation along with modern lap equipment. The symptoms of diabetes overlap with other ailments and hence an accurate diagnosis is a must. Dr. Anil Sharma also specializes in dealing with health problems of the elderly i.e. delaying the onset of severely degenerating aspects of ageing and treating the diseases of the aged. Dr. Sharma conducts a complete clinical evaluation to learn more about the patient’s specific condition and patient’s health history. He also looks after critical care unit in our hospital where the patients of Chest ailment, Cardiac, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Neurology, Urology, Gastroenterology and other critical conditions are admitted.